Studioart Leather Interiors

Studioart is a young company created from the creative intuition of Nadia and Gianfranco Dalle Mese that is deeply rooted in a long tradition of leather processing, when, in 1967, Giuseppe Dalle Mese founded the tannery of origin: a company that throughout the years has turned from craftsmanship-based  reality into an industrial group, and that is now considered an excellence of the international tanning district.

Foreword by Nadia and Gianfranco Dalle Mese
Vicenza, 09/16/2016
"I am happy and proud to welcome you all today, in this extraordinary place, considered one of the most beautiful in the world. I really wanted this place for our...
Studioart X Anniversary
Vicenza, 09/16/2016
Villa La Rotonda has been the stunning frame of our 10th Anniversary. The event has been organized with the aim of showing the ‘behind the scenes’ of the...