Care and maintenance

Most leathers can be stain resistant, resilient and durable, therefore they require very little maintenance.
In fact, the best maintenance for leather is use.
Like all other materials, leather should be cleaned by employing the least intrusive methods before attempting other means. In most cases, occasional dusting with a dry cloth should be all that is necessary to clean and maintain it.

Should there be any spill on the leather, we suggest to wipe it up immediately, since anything containing alcohol/acid substances could eventually consume the protective finish if left on over a prolonged period of time.
We suggest not to apply any cleaner or “remedy” as these products are not made specifically for such use and could actually harm the leather.
To ensure a better long-term result, we suggest to avoid direct exposure to sunlight and installation of the product in proximity of heat sources.
For providing the best care to your leathers, we have divided the different categories in our collections accordingto their finish:

Full grain
In order to clean stains and spills on these leathers, wipe gently the affected area with a lightly damp cloth with warm water.
Be careful not to oversaturate the area and blot again with a dry cloth.
For stubborn stains try to apply a mild soap or gentle solution.
Even if these leathers are more protected please never scrub heavily into the surface.

These leathers have a light Scotchgard treatment on the surface which should prevent spills absorption.
In case of stains, please brush the nap with a light-weight sandpaper or a soft nylon brush.

These leathers have no protective films on their surface. The best maintenance is by dusting or brushing the area with a soft wool fabric. 
Do not use water.

Hair-on hides can be gently vacuumed or dusted with a dry cloth.


We also have available a leather care cleaning kit available for purchase. Please contact customer service for more information.