Privacy Policy
Pursuant to Article 13 of the UE Regulation 2016/679 (“GDPR”)
Personal data protection code
With this note, Studioart Leather Interiors srl intends to informs users visiting the website "" (hereinafter the "Website") of the Policy adopted regarding Personal Data Protection, emphasising its commitment and focus on protecting the privacy of visitors to the Website.
Visitors may browse the Website freely and are not obliged to register, except in certain areas of the same, in which the user can freely and expressly provide a series of personal data in order to access services for which their specific consent is required. Therefore, in cases where the visitor intends to provide their personal data in order to access those additional services, pursuant to Article 13 of Regulation 2016/679 (GDPR), they will be expressly informed that this is required and (by way of example) of the purposes and methods for and with which the data will be used by Studioart Leather Interiors srl in addition to the right to request that the data provided be erased or updated at any time.

Information on personal data protection 
Studioart Leather Interiors srl hereby provides the following information, pursuant to and by effect of Regulation 2016/679 (hereinafter the “GDPR”).

1. Data Controller and Supervisor 
The Data Controller of personal data is Studioart Leather Interiors srl, with legal office in Via Lungochiampo 125, 36054 Montebello Vicentino (VI) – Italy.
The Data Supervisor, with regard to the management of the Website, is the head of the Studioart Leather Interiors srl. You may request to be notified of the name of the Data Supervisor, and receive a full list of the Data Supervisors by writing to the contact details here below:
Phone: 0444/453745; fax: 0444/456661
certified e-mail (P.E.C.):

2. Types of personal data processed 
There is no registration to be made to access the Website. However, some sections on the Website do require to register, or use a username and password (e.g. to access the reserved area). There are also certain services for which the user must provide data should he wish to use them (e.g. your data may be required if you wish to access the Newsletter services, contact us, share your “Wish List” with a friend, etc.). 
Should Studioart Leather Interiors srl acquire information and personal data about users, it will notify it in advance, pursuant to Art.13 of Regulation UE 2016/679, of the purposes for which said data are required and of the procedures engaged for their use. If necessary, Studioart Leather Interiors srl will arrange to acquire the user’s specific consent for the relative use of the data. For example, personal data such as the user’s name and surname, telephone number, email address and other information that the user consents to provide may be requested to enable the user to access the services of the Website, and these must be provided by filling in a specific registration form. Studioart Leather Interiors srl will only use the personal data collected online for the purposes indicated during registration. For any different purpose than the one indicated during registration, Studioart Leather Interiors will provide information regarding such use of data to the user.
The data relative to the user’s connection to and browsing on the Website (such as the URI-Uniform Resource Identifier addresses of the resources requested, the time of the request, the method used to submit the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server -successful, error, etc.- and other parameters relative to the user’s operating system and IT environment) are only collected for the purpose of gathering anonymous statistical information about the use of the Website and to check that it works correctly, and these are erased immediately after processing. The data could be used to verify the responsibility in the case of alleged IT crimes damaging the Website: with the exclusion of this hypothesis, the data is erased after the period of time required to provide the services illustrated in the Website. 
With reference to the data relative to the user’s browsing within the Website, also read point 7 below regarding the Profiling tools used by the Website. 

3. Optional nature of the user’s decision to provide personal data 
Whether the user provides the personal data is generally an optional decision. Only in certain cases, failure to confer the data can prevent the user from accessing specific services and obtaining the object of the request (e.g. registration is required to access certain documents and request samples online). 

4. Data processing procedures and field of communication 
The data can be processed both electronically and in paper form. Studioart Leather Interiors srl guarantees that the personal data provided via the Website will be processed lawfully and correctly, in full compliance with the legislation in force, and will maintain the strictest confidentiality regarding the data provided during registration. All the information collected is sent via a protected connection to prevent it being intercepted by third parties. The safety of the Website is guaranteed and certified by a leading company in the provision of services regarding Internet security. 
The processing includes customer care activity, sending official notifications on the status of the order, performing obligations required by law and sending the newsletter with business and promotional content concerning Studioart Leather Interiors’ activities and the most important news related to it, its products, as well as exhibitions and events Studioart Leather Interiors shall attend.
The data is processed within Studioart Leather Interiors by subjects authorized to process data under the responsibility of Studioart Leather Interiors for the purposes indicated above.
The data may be communicated to the following external data processors who have entered into specific agreements, conventions or agreement protocols with the data controller: suppliers; customers; agents and sales representatives acting on behalf of Studioart Leather Interiors; credit institutions; credit insurance companies; accountants and business consultants; credit recovery companies, commercial information companies, factoring companies, consulting companies; company management and security information system companies; lawyers and legal advisors; public and private bodies; companies owned by Studioart Leather Interiors or by the majority of its stakeholders.
With regard to the sending of the newsletter, the legal grounds of such data processing lie in Studioart Leather Interiors’ legitimate interest to promote its own activities and products. The latter is compatible with the position of the data subjects since it is reasonable to assume that who creates an account on the Website is interested in staying informed on Studioart Leather Interiors’ activities and products, as well as on the events Studioart Leather Interiors will attend.
At any given moment users can object to such processing and cancel their subscription to the newsletter service, by following the instructions provided in each newsletter or by sending a special notification to Studioart Leather Interiors to the addresses indicated at point 1, expressing their intent to unsubscribe from the newsletter service and to obtain the erasure of the Data collected by Studioart Leather Interiors.
If the interested party wants to know the list of records of the subjects responsible and / or authorized for the treatment, he can do so by contacting Studioart Leather Interiors contact details listed at point 1 of this statement.

5. Data retention period
Personal data will be stored for a given period of time, even after the termination of the contract, that is necessary and relevant to the completion of all obligations connected or deriving from the contract, for the period of duration prescribed by the laws in force and within the maximum time limits regulated by such contract. The data is stored for the period necessary to achieve the purposes for which such data was collected. This storage time derives from the need to perform the contract and the need for pre-contractual and post-contractual use.

6. Links to other sites 
This note is only applicable to the Studioart Leather Interiors srl website and is not valid for any other websites that may be consulted by the user via links on the same. Studioart Leather Interiors srl cannot be held responsible for the personal data provided by the users to external parties or to any other websites that may be linked to the Studioart Leather Interiors srl website.

7. “Profiling” and/or customisation tools
Studioart Leather Interiors srl does not carry out any promotional communication and/or advertising activities without the user’s prior explicit consent according to the dell’art. 6, co. 1, lett. a) of GDPR. 
The Website uses “Cookies”: these are text files which are sent from a web server (which is the computer on which the Website visited is running) to the user’s browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, etc.) and recorded on the hard disk of the user’s computer when they visit the Website. The cookie allows the Website to identify the user’s PC by way of the information recorded therein each time that the user reconnects to the Website using the same PC. 
By using cookies we can make it easier for the user to browse the Website. 
Policy on cookies
Since May 2011 a new privacy law was approved by the European parliament on the obligation for websites to request permission to users to use cookies. The law, denominated EU Cookie Law (, is a fine web, on Personal data and privacy protection. Italy has approved the law by Regulation69/2012 and 70/2012 and is effective from June 1, 2012.
As for the cookies, Italian jurisdiction passes by a regulation where they are liberalized without discrimination (opt out), to an opt-in, which requires the user to give a consent, without which cookies cannot be activated , unless the use of these is necessary to provide the service requested, as described in Article 2 n. 5 of the Directive. Every website that uses cookies, if not necessary to meet a specific request, must first obtain permission of the user.
The law is directed to all community sites, that is, whose organization / person falls under the jurisdiction of the European regardless of where it is located on your server.
Update of the law as of January 31, 2013
In the update, the ICO (the body responsible for the implementation of the EU Cookie Law) recently wrote an article stating that you no longer have the express consent of cookies on websites, as previously stated ( Although this change is not yet in force and the law cannot be defined canceled, de facto, it is the end of its importance for all the insiders of the web.
Unlike before, the Italian law is now more permissive, and it allows the use of cookies with informed consent expressed with "specific configurations of computer programs or devices", then select settings in browsers used to navigate.
Since you clearly refers to article 13, the existence of cookies must be communicated from the sites, by means of a notice or other, indicating their use and having the navigator read the disclosure through a link on the site.
We have prepared the following Policy to describe the types of cookies used on our website and platform, and describe the reasons and conditions of their use. Please note that we cannot offer our Site and our services to your device without sending some of our cookies. Therefore, You authorize us to use them when you use our site and our services.
What are Cookies?
A cookie is simply a tiny text file containing pieces of data, stored when you visit a website or app. It is designed to help websites and apps remember what you did in the past. This can include whether you clicked on particular links or pages, logged into your profile, or read pages on the site months, or even years, ago.
There are different types of cookies and without these, websites, apps and other digital services could not function in the way you have got used to.
For example, without the cookie to validate your log in, the website would not know to display your profile. Or the website would need to deliver a message every time saying “you need to log in” as it would not remember who you are.
Studioart Leather Interior website uses particular cookies to give you the best possible experience, and it uses only cookies that we think are necessary and helpful.
To fit the new regulations, we have detailed the different types of cookies we use.
Strictly Necessary Cookies
These are essential cookies that let you move around the website and use its features, like accessing secure areas. Without them, services registration and logging in cannot be provided. These cookies do not collect any information about you that could be used for marketing or remembering where you have been on the internet.
Performance Cookies
These collect information about how you use a website, for instance, which pages you go to most often, and if you get error messages. They do not collect information that identifies you; all the information is anonymous. It is used only to improve how the website works.
Functionality Cookies
These remember choices you make (such as your user name, language or the region you are in) and provide personal features. They can remember changes you have made to text size, fonts and other parts of web pages that you can customise. They may also provide services you have asked for, such as watching a video or commenting on a blog. The information they collect can be made anonymous. They cannot track other websites or apps you visit.
Targeting Cookies
These deliver adverts or messages relevant to you and your interests. Sometimes targeting cookies are linked to other sites, such as Facebook. Within these four categorisations of cookie, cookies are sorted as either temporary ('Session' cookies) or more long-term ('Persistent' cookies). 'Session' cookies link your actions in one session only. This 'session' starts when the webpage or app is opened and finishes when it is closed. Then the cookie is deleted forever.
'Persistent' cookies are where the cookie remains on your phone or computer for a specific period of time. They are activated automatically when you visit a particular website or app. One other difference is if the cookie is a 'first-party cookie' or a 'third-party' cookie. A first-party cookie is set by the Studioart Leather Interior website you are visiting, whereas a 'third-party' cookie is set by someone else.
Studioart Leather Interiors does not allow third parties to use the cookies for purposes other than the ones listed above, but we do use Google Analytics.
Google Analytics
Google Analytics is a free web analysis provided by Google, which sends cookies to your device. The information generated by your use of the website, including your IP address, is transmitted to Google and stored on its servers. Google uses this information to evaluate your use of the Site, prepare reports on website activity for website operators and providing other services relating to website activity and internet usage. Google may also transfer this information to third parties if required by law or if third parties process the information on Google's behalf. In any case, Google will not associate your IP address with any other data that Google owns.
Google Analytics uses the following cookies:
Name Cookie Duration
_utmc Session
_utmv 2 years
_utmb 30 minutes
_utma 2 years
_utmz 6 months
For more information about Google Analytics, you can consult: and its privacy policy
http: // html.
Social Media
If you have previously interacted with social as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, Google Plus, or YouTube, your browser sends information about these cookies to Social when you visit a page in our site with the “like” button or another plug-in capital. These cookies are used by the Social Network to provide you with a personalized experience on our site, to maintain and improve the service and to protect both you and the site from malicious activity.
We can host such content to YouTube, if we believe that this can improve your experience. You can share content you like through Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or include content taken from Twitter.
For the privacy policies, related to:  and
Third Party Cookies
Third Party Cookies are created and subject to external domains to our site, and are the true goal of this legislation. Advertisers and others use their own cookies to collect information about your activities or on advertisements on which you clicked. This information could be used by them to present adverts which they believe can be more interesting for you. Advertisers may also use them to measure the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns. We have no control over these cookies.
How to block cookies
If you do not wish to receive cookies on your device, you can manage the enabling cookies by going to the "Settings" or “Tools" menu of the main browser. This allows you for example to disable cookies for all sites, except those you trust.
Please note that disabling our cookies, you will not have access to many features that make the site more efficient and some of our services will not function properly. Also, because the cookies are used to identify products in the basket during the transmission procedure of the purchase order, you cannot place orders.
You can choose to turn off third-party cookies, without compromising the proper functioning of our site. This may result, however, the viewing of advertising messages that are not of interest. Please note that this exclusion by third parties is not subject to our control.
To help you better understand how you can change your privacy settings, you point out a series of links that might be useful:
• CHROME: https: // Hl = en
• SAFARI: http: //
Another feature of most browsers is the Incognito Mode. You can browse in Incognito mode when you do not want your website visits or your downloads recorded in your browsing and download. All cookies created in Incognito mode are automatically deleted when you close all browser windows.
Alternatively, your browser options contain the "Clear browsing data". You can use it to delete cookies, data site and plug-ins, including the data stored on your device from Adobe Flash Player (Flash Cookies).
See these sites for more information, or select "Help" from your browser to have a guide online.
Each user can choose not to accept any cookie they do not desire by modifying her browser preferences, for instance:No other tools are used to profile users in this Website (e.g. spyware).

8. Location of data processing
The data relative to the services provided by the Website is processed in the legal office of Studioart Leather Interiors srl indicated at point 1 above and are carried out by those appointed for this purpose inside the Marketing Management Division.  

9. Rights of the interested parties 
With reference to personal data, user can exercise the following rights:
1. right to access personal data; right to obtain its modification or correction;
2. right to cancel or limit the use of personal data;
3. right to oppose to the use;
4. right to data portability - the law applicable only to data provided following consent and processed by automated means, as regulated by art. 20 of the GDPR.
Please note that since the data processing and use is based on Article 6, paragraph 1, letter b) of the GDPR, the interested party has the right to exercise the rights listed above at any time, to the extent that this is not contrary to a legitimate interest or a right of Studioart Leather Interiors, without affecting the lawfulness of the processing up to that time.
With reference to the methods of exercising the aforementioned rights, the interested party can write to: Studioart Leather Interiors using the contact details referred to in point 1 of this statement.

10. Right to review
Studioart Leather Interiors srl reserves the right to review its current "Privacy Policy" at its exclusive discretion, in any way and/or at any time, without any need to submit advance notice.
You may exercise your rights as per Art. 6 par.1 letter b) of GDPR at any time contacting Studioart Leather Interiors srl at the contact details at point 1 above or from the Contact Us section at
Further information are available at the Website of the Italian Data Protection Authority