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Massimo Brancati
Massimo Brancati is the third generation of the Dalle Mese family, founders of the tanning group of which Studioart is part. Graduated in Architecture at IUAV of Venice, Massimo has experimented new combinations and finishes combining a deep knowledge of leather processing and treatments with an optimisation of resources and production processes.
Massimo Brancati’s collection explores the three-dimensionality of surfaces, and was inspired by two existing Studioart shapes; the square and triangle, evident in Kaleido. Massimo produced random patterns made of six different shapes, clear in Frammenti. In addition to this, his creation, Woods introduces a new three-dimensional aspect to the leather, which is simultaneously flat and padded. Massimo’s willingness to create highly customizable products made him study and create wall decorations that could have the right flexibility to adapt to different wall sizes. Inspired by nature, Neige is composed of rhombus that lay on top of each other like snowflakes, creating ever changing graphics and decoration. Lumen gets its inspiration by light waves and it combines refinement with a wise search for innovative materials and production techniques.