Furnishing accessories

Exquisite embroidered designs are woven into premium leather in this original cushion collection that celebrates the possibilities of the unique combination of leather and embroidery. The collection presents a new exploration into the tactile dimension of interiors, incorporating new textures and designs. Ricamo cushions are an original and beautiful addition to an interior, adding comfort and elegance to the most refined settings. Graphic themes range from charming geometric patterns to delicate flowing motifs, creating original shading effects on the surfaces, and enhancing the colours and the natural characteristics of leather. 

The Ricamo  cushions collection is embroidered on Waternatural leather. More leather options and colours are available on request.

Available sizes:

25x50 cm / 50x50 cm - 10x20” / 20x20”

Leather rugs Pezzara

Pezzara is the rediscovery of a millenary craft tradition, which flourished within the agro-pastoral communities in Puglia, Calabria and Sicily. Women piled up the waste fibres from various fabrics or shorn wool, or macerated linen or broom fibres to make heavy hanks of filaments. Colours depended either on the natural hues of the fleece or on dyes. These were made by drying or infusing insects,walnut shells, laurel leaves and pomegranate skins. In the end, the looms gave life to artisan blankets and rugs, dyed and patterned with embroidery and colours from the traditional Mediterranean culture. Pezzara, pure authentic art, is the spontaneous result of the capacity to create fabrics and artistic products of great appeal from disorder and inert waste materials. Recuperating the teachings of this southern Italian craft tradition, Studioart today renews the art of rag-rug making using an original material – leather. The result of this artistic intuition speaks for itself. Each weft thread is made up of leather laces and woven into the cotton warp threads with handicraft techniques. The end results are meticulously made rugs that preserve the appeal of the ancient art of rag-rug making, adding the emotion that a material like leather arouses.


Craftsmanship characteristics
The result of craftsmanship, Pezzara translates into a rich collection of rugs, table runners and table mats. The weaving is carried out by hand on special wooden looms to guarantee a hardwearing, long-lasting product each time. Pezzara, available in 12 different shades, uses neutral-colour leather, cut and woven by hand and then aniline-dyed in drums. The special feature of this process is that the cotton threads turn a similar colour to the leather. Due to a preference for eco-compatible manufacturing processes, the same shade of colour may show slight variations between one sample and another. The articles may be edged with cotton fringes or with leather. Care Tests carried out have not shown any counter-indications for washing the product by hand in cold water. Items may shrink slightly and undergo slight colour bleeding if washed by hand. We therefore recommend to have these articles cleaned by leather cleaning specialists.

Leather rugs Rodeo

Studioart’s leather rugs are the result of the perfect match between Italian craftsmanship and contemporary design, where a combination of sophisticated elements dresses interiors with style. The hand-crafted manufacturing is the essence for an ever unique design, where the product plays on the creative coupling of refined leathers and fascinating chromatic proposals. An unusual creative journey that suggests exclusive geometric textures, right on the latest trends in interior décor.


Leather hides are a natural product, so variations in tone and colour should be considered typical characteristics of the carpet and not a defect. Avoid exposing the carpet to sources of light, heat, and humidity for prolonged periods of time. To clean, brush the carpet regularly with a soft suede brush. Dust and dirt can be removed with a damp cloth and neutral detergent, taking care not to soak the carpet with liquids. For persistent stains, consult a centre specialised in the cleaning of animal skins.