The leathers
Studioart offers a rich selection of leather collections for upholstery and wall covering, which are characterized by different technical and aesthetic qualities. The range varies from the hardest-wearing collections, which are ideal for contract and public areas, to the finest full-grain and pure aniline leathers; from water-resistant leathers, to original collections characterized by suede, pearly, and iridescent effects.




Floreal Oyster
Lumiere Colonial
City Oyster
Lizard Oyster
Lumiere Cappuccino
Rodeo Tyrolese Mountain
Vertigo 14
Dot Sesame
Grass St Cristobal
Natural St. Cristobal
Ostrich St Cristobal
Malindi St Cristobal
Katana St Cristobal
Waternatural Cream light beige
Cuore Cream light beige
Waternatural Ivory
Ranella Ivory
Bisanzio Ivory
Polis Sabbia
Drops Ivory
Pezzara British tan
Polis Macchiato
Rodeo Tyrolese champagne
Shine Ivory
Schizo Chic 14
Urban Lino
Watersuede 14
Mushroom Crema
Watersuede Ivory
Polis Ivory
City Old Ice
Razza Crema
Pearl Crema
Rodeo Crema
City Sand Stone
Performa Sand Stone
Malindi Mountain tan
Natural Mountain tan
Star Blé 7
Sakura Ble 7
Thai Blé 7
Pezzara Starlight
Lizard Pastorius
Floreal Pastorius
Satin Silver
City Pastorius
Watersuede Dark beige
Dot Sahara
Mushroom Camel
Urban Caffelatte
Watersuede 10
City Sand
Rodeo Oat
Lumiere Camel
Razza Oro Egiziano
Satin Egyptian gold
Broken Heart Gold
Luxury Gold
Pezzara Antique gold
Tesoro Oro
Rodeo Tyrolese bronzo
Pearl Oro egiziano
Urban Caramel
Lumiere Creme Brulee
Shine 2
Waternatural Cream
Garden Cream
Mushroom Creme Brulee
Butterfly Cream
Bisanzio Cream
Natural Equitan
Rodeo Glasgow
Malindi Equitan
Waternatural Call me
Graphic Sound Call me
Velluto Dark caramel
Watersuede 2
Rodeo Whiskey
Pezzara Dark écru
Polis Noce
Outland desert
Polis Corda
Performa Corda
Mushroom Oro egiziano
City Carlos
City Mais
City Minerale
Rodeo Tyrolese oro
Pearl Champagne rose'
Watersuede 37
Polis Camel
Rodeo Raptus
Urban Honey
Star Saddle
Sakura Saddle
Intreccio Saddle
Performa Saddle
Urban Montecristo
Ostrich Tan
Watersuede 4
Natural Tan
Drops 4
Polis Bentley
Rodeo Glasgow bronzo
Shine 39
Polis Paprika
Watersuede 39
Polis Carota
Mushroom Zucca
Lumiere Zucca
Urban Bright orange
Rodeo Spanish orange
Star Arancio
Sakura Arancio
Elica Arancio
Intreccio Arancio
Gardenia Arancio
City Samba
Polis Aragosta
Polis Aperol
City Ruggine
Watersuede 36
Drops 36
Mushroom Velvet
Lumiere Velvet
Queen Bee Velvet
Shine 36
Star Rouge
City Coco'
Thai Rouge
Watersuede 15
Gardenia Rouge
Natural Dark red
Pezzara Red scuro
Grass Dark Red
Ninfea 17
Watersuede 17
Rodeo African vogue
Urban Red
Rodeo Ruby
Polis Lipstick
Rodeo Ruby bronzo
Star Vintage
Loto Vintage
Velluto Rosso antico
Dot Tuile
Outland Cuoio 09
City Cuoio chiaro
Pezzara Randolf
City Saddle
Rodeo Champagne
Velluto Cognac
Performa Integrale
Polis Caramello
Outland Ranch
Cipria oro
Pezzara Bronze
Razza Bronzo
Tesoro Bronzo
Pearl Bronzo
Rodeo Glacé
Waternatural Integrale
Rodeo Aspen
Vertigo 28
Shine 41
Watersuede 41
City Electro
Polis Blu reale
Urban Sea
Polis Blu estate
City Iceberg
Lizard Iceberg
Velluto Nautica
Entropia Nautica
Performa Nautica
Watersuede 28
Urban Notte
Rodeo Blue
Polis Infinito
Velluto Deep blue
Waternatural Navy
Everest Navy
Urban Navy
Rodeo Perla blu
Watersuede 390
Rodeo Blu indigo
Pearl Cosmica
Shine 390
Pezzara Agate
Rodeo Ruby canna di fucile
Squama Melanzana
Velluto Melanzana
Mushroom Burgundy
Urban Mauve
City Ox-blood
Star Merlot
Lizard Ox-blood
Velluto Grape wine
Watersuede 45
Ostrich Burgundy
Natural Burgundy
Grass Burgundy
Elica Merlot
Rodeo Vinaccia
Ninfea 45
Malindi Burgundy
Katana Burgundy
Outland Testa di moro
Waternatural Ox-blood
Polis Moka
Velluto Chocolate
City Ebano
Star Amaro
Waternatural Dk brown
Star Fumo
Mushroom Dk brown
Vertigo Dk brown
Elica Fumo
Sakura Amaro
Urban Dk brown
Rodeo Dk brown
Polis Moro
Velluto Certosino
Mushroom Cosmica
Velluto T. moro
Watersuede 47
Schizo Chic Testa di moro
Urban Glace'
Mushroom Bronzo
Pezzara Ametista
Watersuede 365
Drops 365
Urban Toffee
Entropia Carruba
Taipan 365
Shine 365
Malindi Old America Ranch
Natural Old America Ranch
Katana Old America Ranch
Ostrich Old America Ranch
Watersuede 8
Velluto Sigaro
Pezzara Dk brown
Dot Terreno
Watersuede Dk brown
Urban West
Lumiere Cohiba
Tesoro Rame
Shine 415
Luxury Platino
Rodeo Tyrolese sparkle
Thai Taupe
Elica Taupe
Loto Taupe
Squama Aglio
Satin Harem
Star Taupe
Sakura Taupe
Polis Marmo
Drops 353
Entropia Tortora
Schizo Chic 353
Polis Taupe
Velluto Peanut
Watersuede 353
City Terra
Performa Taupe
Velluto Carruba
Intreccio Antilope
Elica Antilope
Star Antilope
City Walnut
Squama Peanut
Mushroom Cohiba
Bisanzio Slate
Velluto Dusty grape
Rodeo London
Polis Smog
Entropia Dusty grape
Sakura Polombe
Medusa Slate
Waternatural Slate
Loto Polombe
Thai Polombe
Elica Polombe
Mushroom Holmes
Lumiere Holmes
Queen Bee Holmes
Velluto Blush
Polis Nudo
Lumiere Nude
Velluto Poudre
Vertigo 410
Watersuede 410
Ninfea 410
Mushroom Nude
Drops 410
Shine 410
Satin Copper
Queen Bee Nude
Lumiere Fard
Velluto Cipria
Queen Bee Fard
Satin Fairy
Mushroom Light purple
Azteco Pearl
Waternatural Pearl
Bisanzio Pearl
Drops 352
Watersuede 352
Natural Light purple
Butterfly Pearl
Performa Aglio
Velluto Aglio
City Cachemire
Katana Light purple
Ostrich Light purple
Satin Stardust
City Polvere
Rodeo Gray
Velluto Tortora
Polis Malto
Star Polombe
Rodeo Help me to save the fashion
Rodeo Violetta
Pearl Finto
Polis Imbrunire
Velluto English rose
Ninfea Violet
Watersuede Violet
Shine Lavander
Satin Peltro
Butterfly Dark ashe
Katana Fango
Natural Fango
Seventy Dark ashe
Waternatural Dark ashe
City Cenere
Polis Atmosfera
Gardenia Grigio
Schizo Chic 415
Vertigo 415
Taipan 415
Watersuede 415
Polis Grigio perla
Watersuede Cloud
Drops 415
Outland gris vert
Pezzara Ash
Star Grigio
Velluto Olive brown
Rodeo Sky
Queen Bee Stucco
Velluto Perla
Performa Perla
Lumiere Stucco
Polis Airone
Thai Grigio
City Storm
Polis Salvia
Satin Green mirror
Pezzara Opale
Rodeo Fennel
Polis Onice
Razza Cedro
Pearl Cedro
City Tundra
Urban Cedar
Schizo Chic 23
Watersuede 23
Rodeo Lime
Polis Golf
Polis Pianura
Urban Evergreen
City Edera
Watersuede 22
Shine 22
Ostrich Army engine
Star Kaki
Intreccio Kaki
Dot Bamboo
Natural Army engine
Rodeo Military green
Velluto Sottobosco
Rodeo church kakhi
City Bosco
Pezzara Olive green
Star Malachite
Intreccio Malachite
Waternatural Verde
City Scarabeo
Watersuede 26
Urban Myrtle
Velluto Atlantico
Queen Bee Esmeralda
Lumiere Esmeralda
Watersuede Sage
Mushroom Ink
Lumiere Ink
Queen Bee Ink
Pearl Ivanof
Watersuede 48
Razza Ivanof
Rodeo Peacock
Natural Smeraldo
Katana Smeraldo
Urban Bermuda
Urban Blue mer
Schizo Chic 418
Dot Marine
Watersuede 418
Star Turchese
Intreccio Turchese
Polis Ottanio
Velluto Ginepro
Mushroom Ivanof
Watersuede 32
Satin Oltremare
Pezzara Carta da zucchero
Polis Laguna
Polis Lake
City Boeing
Urban Wild side
Watersuede 414
Taipan 414
Drops 414
Shine 414
Watersuede Frost
Natural Ice gray
Malindi Ice gray
Squama Inky blue
Velluto Inky blue
Performa Inky Blue
City Lavanda
Lizard Lavanda
Mushroom Lavanda
Pearl Lavanda
Velluto Light jade
Queen Bee Geyser
Lumiere Geyser
Mushroom Geyser
Squama Light jade
Performa Light Jade
City Cielo
Mushroom Oro bianco
City Edelweiss
Lizard Edelweiss
Watersuede 56
Lumiere Cool
City Nuvola
Floreal Nuvola
Queen Bee Cool
Dot Avorio
Pezzara White
City Bianco ottico
Razza White
Pezzara Madreperla
Squama Greige
Polis Bianco
Performa Bianco
Waternatural White
Daisy White
Polis Ottico
Velluto Porcelain
Pearl White
City White
Satin Milky
Polis Panna
City Shell
Performa Shell
Velluto Mozzarella
City Burro
City Beige
Razza Oro bianco
Pearl Oro bianco
Velluto Greige
Drops 56
Broken Heart Stone
Drops 412
Entropia Perla
Taipan 412
Urban Liz
Watersuede 412
Ninfea 412
Satin Silver grey
Polis Perla Akoya
Razza Argento
Luxury Silverlux
Tesoro Argento
Pearl Argento
Broken Heart Canna di fucile
Cipria argento
Mushroom Piombo
Watersuede Nebbia
Pearl Piombo
Dot Ardesia
City Ossipof
Pezzara Silver Montecarlo
Dot Mud
Star Smoke grey
Thai Smoke grey
Satin Perla nera
Pezzara Grigio armani
Watersuede 51
Urban Grey
City Voronof
Lumiere Wolf
Pezzara Pietra
Performa Underground
Polis Underground
Velluto Fossil
Entropia Fossil
Polis Dark grey
Taipan 53
Ninfea 53
Razza Antracite
Watersuede 53
Drops 53
Pezzara Charcoal
Pearl Antracite
Rodeo Gun metal
Bisanzio Dark ashe
Pezzara Black
Mushroom Antracite
Taipan 54
Vertigo 54
Waternatural Black
Outland Black
Bisanzio Black
Rodeo Black
Rodeo Raven
Velluto Noir
City Black
Watersuede 54
Urban Nero
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