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Pezzara derives from an age-old Mediterranean craft tradition. Aniline-dyed leather laces are woven into cotton warp threads using handicraft techniques. In the pearly version, leather laces are treated with metal powders, waxes and oils which endow them with distinctive luminescent or pearly effects. The result is a dramatically attractive and tactile collection in which exquisitely hand-woven warp and weft threads embrace light, embodying the very essence of elegance and refinement. Pezzara is sold in multiple of panels, and it is suitable for wall coverings and accessories.

Hide size:  1,25 m x 3,00 m = 3,75 m2 / 4’ x 10’ = 40 sq.ft.*
Thickness:  1,7-1,9 mm
Manutenzione:  * Size is approximately 3.75 m2 (40 sq.ft.). Panels measure 125x300 cm (49"x118") approximately. During the production process, dimensions might sligthly vary.

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