California Dreaming & Aero Collection

Studioart is delighted to announce the launch of the new 2019 collections the leatherwalls will be revealed during Paris Déco Off 2019. Studioart has appointed two US designers, Grove Studio and Adam Hunter, to present their interpretation of the signature leatherwall.The result is a collection that feels both unified yet distinctive and is aligned with the Studioart ethos that a variety of minds can culminate in a one-ofa-kind creation.
From printed Ombre leathers to deconstructed and pixilated leather walls created from arrangements of coordinating tiles, the California Dreaming collection is rooted in a love for color and how it is arranged. Derived from Hunter’s passion for trompe l’oeil and avant garde surfaces, the collection creates the unexpected through rich, saturated and perfectly curated color, suitable for any interior.
Inspired by the world of 1960’s vintage sports cars, leather tiles are creatively combined in a wide array of patterns where refined metals, carefully selected colors and textures create dramatic walls. Grove’s collection for Studioart is a perfect balance between modern and classic, where leathers are ultimately enriched with sophisticated metals and elaborated patterns.