The Anniversary Collection

To mark its 10 year milestone, Studioart has entrusted three emerging designers to reinterpret its signature Leatherwall: Massimo Brancati from Studioart, Giorgia Zanellato and Elaine Yan Ling Ng of The Fabrick Lab.
The collaborations, exploring new and unique combinations, invited a creative approach, resulting in a balance between hand-crafted artisanal skill and contemporary flair, thus showing how versatile leather can be. Exclusive patterns, unique colour palettes and original leather texture are the undisputed protagonists of the collection.
Massimo Brancati’s collection explores the three-dimensionality of surfaces, and was inspired by two existing Studioart shapes; the square and triangle, evident in Kaleido. Massimo produced random patterns made of six different shapes, clear in Frammenti. In addition to this, his creation, Woods introduces a new three-dimensional aspect to the leather, which is simultaneously flat and padded.
Giorgia Zanellato’s inspiration for her pieces were the uniqueness and specialised craftsmanship of Studioart’s products. This is evident in Ginko, which employs the iconic leaf-like shape and, together with the rhombus in Losange, represents the desire to experiment and explore different stitching techniques. Giorgia is passionate about geometric shapes, in particular the circle which is referenced in Onda and Semitondo.
Elaine Yan Ling Ng used nature topology as the core of her Studioart collection. The designer was inspired by the relationship between complex mathematical formulas and nature’s ability to multiply and arrange in the most intelligent and compact ways. Her starting point began with the intention to combine outdoor natural forms with interiors, and create a new immersive experience through volume, tactility and illusion. Her pieces Hyperreal, Delta, Vector and Parallel explore concepts such as infinity, change, space and repetition.