Elaine Yan Ling Ng / The Fabrick Lab - The Anniversary Collection
Vicenza - 12/12/2016
"Nature has been inspirational for its ability to perfectly combine itself in the most compact and efficient ways"

What has inspired you for designing your collection for Studioart?
Nature Topology is the concept that guides the entire collection. Topology, from the Greek tópos, place, and lógos, study, refers to the study of space and its interconnections. The design of the collection gets its inspiration by how nature can cleverly multiply and arrange in the most compact and efficient ways using complex mathematical formulas. This concept also highlights Studioart’s DNA, where production processes are made of both natural and mathematically engineered procedures.
What was your starting point?
It all started with the aim of bringing outdoor natural forms into interiors, and creating a new immersive special experience through volume, tactility and illusion. I studied the repetitive patterns found in nature, and recreated them through new shapes and techniques: the result is a varied collection featuring nature and its connection with mathematics and calculation.
Connections between nature, design, and mathematics, a fascinating concept for creating a project...
Hyperreal, Delta, Vector, and Parallel: also the names of the products refer to mathematical concepts. They explore different but interrelated meanings, such as infinity, change, space, and repetition.