Giorgia Zanellato - The Anniversary Collection
Vicenza - 15/11/2016
"Simple things inspire the most: geometric shapes enhanced by highly specialized craftmanship" 
How did you conceive your collection for Studioart?
Studioart really fascinated me for the uniqueness of its products and the highly specialised craftsmanship, which was the starting point for creating my collection. I have explored various perspectives of the company: from the passion and patience of Studioart craftsmen to the dedication to explore new techniques for continuous improvement.
Craftsmanship and innovation. How did you convey this into your collection?
The artisanal know-how and dedication have been inspirational for conceiving Onda, where the stitching fl ows on the padded surface of the leather tile. Semitondo and Ginko represent the willingness to explore and experiment new techniques thanks to new skills that made it possible to create a tile both padded and flat. I then chose the rhombus, a very simple but yet flexible shape, to enhance the great choice of colours and textures of Studioart leathers: this is the origin of Losange.
Your design plays with simple forms. What has inspired you?
Semitondo reflects my passion for geometric shapes, especially for circles. From a graphic point of view, also the stitched designs of Onda make reference to the hint of a circle. The rhombus is in itself a versatile shape that can generate infinite patterns, while Ginko presents an iconic leaf that bears an aura of positive meaning.