Massimo Brancati - The Anniversary Collection
Vicenza - 18/10/2016
"Creativity is the ability to combine existing shapes in new ways"

What were your main starting points for designing the new collection?
Our starting point was the desire to focus on the specific features of our work: exploring the three-dimensionality of surfaces, optimising our production resources, and developing the concept of seeming randomness and irregularity in design. Without drifting from our path, we wanted this project to mark a turning point for Studioart and bring a tangible innovation.
How have you translated these aspects into your design?
In Kaleido we wanted to use two existing Studioart shapes, the square and the triangle, in a new and different way. The finished product offers unique variations, such as the decorative concentric solution and a new interpretation of Studioart leather wall covering that has never been done before. Frammenti shows irregularity through an apparently random pattern made of six different shapes. Woods introduces a new three-dimensionality to the leather tile, which is padded and flat at the same time and it gets its inspiration from wood staves.
Studioart is..?
The knowledge and craftsmanship to produce leather at the highest level for use in interiors is our distinctive feature. For this new collection we have specifically matched the leathers to each product to enhance its design and three-dimensionality, giving an even greater tactility of the surfaces.