Studioart at Milan Design Week 2017
Milano - Brera Design District - 10/04/2017
Frammenti Polis marmo

Designed for the occasion of the Milano Design Week, The Iconic Handicraft has been conceived as a presentation of the extraordinary artisanal skills of two Italian companies: Studioart, specialist in the production of highly textured leather wall coverings and leathers for upholstery for interior decoration, and Mingardo, an artisanal iron-furniture maker and producer of own-brand design objects.
Semitondo Polis bianco - Frammenti Polis Marmo - Hyperreal City Ossipof

This partnership has resulted in an highly visual and tactile exhibition of some iconic pieces by the two brands, where seemingly distant materials such as leather and iron combine in subtle geometries and unique textural combinations.  The meticulous study behind the products, the careful selection of materials, colour palettes and finishes have fused together to create an harmonious design of refined elegance.

The collections presented by Studioart and Mingardo, which have been designed with the collaboration of internationally renowned  designers, highlight the important balance between highly specialised  Made in Italy handicrafts and contemporary flair, yet giving the opportunity to the designers to express their own style.
Hyperreal City ossipof